Have your Business Rates relief/Allowances been carried over into 2023?

Your business could be owed thousands of pounds from incorrectly applied rateable values and our FREE audit can offer savings on your new 2023 valuation.   

Check and challenge your 2023 business rates by submitting the quick form below and Book your FREE Initial Assessment ⬇️

    Complete Analysis

    Get a complete historical forensic analysis of your company’s business rates. We remain the go-to experts for business rates analysis, forecasting and commentary encompassing all sectors of the economy.

    Simple Process

    Free on site assessment, check, challenge and process. We ensure that clients remain fully protected at all times and always receive the best possible advice.


    Appeal Business Rates offer expert, cost effective, business rates evaluation and savings for every UK business.We help you to successfully appeal against your new Rateable Value [RV]. By calculating your Uniform Business Rates [UBR] liability each year, we will make you noticeable savings. We charge as little as 99.00 to do a full eligibility check.

    Rateable Values are often too high, so we examine whether or not they represent a fair value. If not, we appeal against it and lead all negotiations with the Valuation Office.

    We check rates demand, transitional relief calculations, effective dates and refund totals. We also provide comprehensive savings reports and budgetary advice. We ensure that we are providing accurate and up-to date liabilities to our clients.


    From April 2008, empty property allowances were effectively abolished, and vacant properties are expected to pay business rates at the full occupied rate. We advise our clients how to mitigate their empty rates liability by using various methods.

    We cover all of the UK, saving business rate returns in every sector of every market. We offer a rates assessment and bill checking service. So why wait? Send your latest bill to us today and see how much we could save you.

    Option available on all audit claims, we check your councils historic billing information.

    Are your business rates costing more than your rent, have your business rates been checked recently. Business rates are the second most expensive cost you pay as a business, did you know the rates you pay are based on information gathered from 2015, and they are often estimated on previous rent information.

    If your property has not challenged your current evaluation you could be entitled to a three year back dated refund, plus save money moving forward. Here at Appeal Business Rates we can not only save you money, but make sure you have the correct evaluation for your business rates. We can check your rates and see if you are due a refund.

    We carry out a free site assessment of your rates free of charge, to see if you can appeal your business rates, so get in contact today and book your free on site assessment now.

    Robert Emmett
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    “Very impressed with the way Lindsey persisted in pushing the appeal in spite of getting knocked back at the first attempt. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone with a problem with overcharged Business Rates.
    Anthony Eddishaw
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    Very professional and helpful with all the right knowledge.

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