We Help Businesses Reduce Their Business Rates

Your business could be inline for a refund, local authorities do not inform you if your premises is overrated. Has your business been effected by lockdown?

Check your business rates

Check your business premises: You could be entitled to a refund and reduction.

(Please note we do not deal with general Council enquiries)

    Complete Analysis

    Get a complete historical forensic analysis of your company’s business rates. We remain the go-to experts for business rates analysis, forecasting and commentary encompassing all sectors of the economy.

    Simple Process

    Free on site assessment, check, challenge and process. We ensure that clients remain fully protected at all times and always receive the best possible advice.

    No Win, No Fee Basis

    Option available on all audit claims, we check your councils historic billing information. Our data, combined with our team of specialist Surveyors, is the reason why we are able to produce such amazing results for our clients.

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